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La nostra storia, il nostro futuro

Alessandro Chiarelli

Manostalla Farm offers a restaurant service using mainly its products, such as oil, milk, cheeses and vegetables. The grapes produced in the farm are freshly harvested or processed in the highly valued white wine of Alcamo. In addition, for years the farm has become part of the vast network of social farms that promote intellectual productivity and an active and emotional involvement of children through laboratories and practical experiences.

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Alessandro Chiarelli into the kitchen
sheep salumi with fresh made toasted bread
selection of cheese and salumi with mostard jams
omelette with cheese on top
fresh made pasta with meat ragù and mushrooms
risotto with meat sauce and mushrooms
fresh pasta with fresh tomato sauce
traditional sfincione
almond parfait with hot chocolate

Fattoria Manostalla


In the heart of the estates Chiarelli, immersed in the green countryside of Sicily, rises our company, the farm Manostalla. Here is born our line of  products, which, besides being a source of pride, reflects our culinary ethics and respect and love for the nature that surrounds us. The use of our  products, used in the preparation of unique and exclusive dishes, but also traditional, typical of our culture, will make you taste fruit, cheeses, bread and extra virgin olive oil through the long-time flavors Forgotten. Scents, aromas, tastes, will resurface, all to your minds, like those flavors forgotten once. These flavors and scents on the farm, are a daily and for this reason, we want you to participate in this great heritage recovered. We will therefore be more than proud to show you and your children how to prepare jams, breads and biscuits, obtained from our farm fruits and flours.

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events at manostalla farm

Pasqua e Pasquetta 2019

Fattoria Manostalla

Venite a divertirvi festeggiando la Pasqua con noi in Fattoria e gusterete i nostri piatti dal sapore unico.

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news about manostalla farm

1° Maggio e 25 Aprile 2019

Fattoria Manostalla

Pranzo all'insegna del divertimento e tanta allegria con noi in Fattoria.

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video of italian television rai channel trasmission geo & geo at manostalla farm on how to produce tipycal busiate fresh home made pasta

Geo & Geo

Fattoria Manostalla

The well-known RAI program Geo & Geo visiting Alcamo will show you how to make the "busiate" and the "ricotta in calza" in the documentary...

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