The Chiarelli


" To make a good wine you have to be good peasants "

  " The wine born in the vineyard "

Our Agricultural Zoo Technique company is organic certified and therefore produces and transforms exclusively according to the biological methods and specifications certified by Bios.
The products used, in our kitchen, for the catering, such as flours, meats, sheep and cattle milk, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, come from our company and are then transformed into our laboratories and kitchen, in precious foods, among which stand out, the " ricotta in sock " , an exclusive recipe, the cured sausage and bresaola sheepmeat, an absolute novelty, the fresh pasta, handmade as busiate and macaroni, ravioli, and much more, of tradition, canned fruit and jams.
We also produce a very good extra virgin olive oil by pressing in a continuous and cold cycle that keeps its properties and quality intact, obtained from Cerasuola olives (Trapani Vale and Val di Mazara) D.O.P. and Nocellara del Belice I.G.P. Sicily taht we sell in bottle and in 5 LT format in practical Bag in Box.
Another boast are our wines produced by Catarratto glossy grapes typical of the area of the Alcamo D.O.P. wine from grapes Grillo and the wine from grapes Nero d'avola.
Our wines have a very special taste due not only to our very fertile and rich silicon territory that extends in a large valley but also from the arrival of a light sea breeze. 

BIO for passion 

Our other specialties are the " fior di Latte Gelato " ( Ice cream ), prepared with fresh milk and served with red mulberry sauce, the Caciocavallo with traditional spinning, the D.O.P. pecorino, processed with raw milk, with traditional method, and the innovative cheeses such as Soft Sicilian.
With the wood coming from the pruning of our plants, we feed, the oven in which we cook, roast lamb, Sfincione, tarts, biscuits bread and many other traditional products.
Our bread, is prepared with the sourdough and after a long and natural leavening, ranging from 12 to 18 hours, allows us to obtain a product of the highest quality.
We are a company that dedicates its energies to the realization of organic products and integrates them in everyday life.
Our farms are wild and allow animals to graze and live in full freedom.

" An AgriCuoco ( Agricultural Cook ) knows how to combine the needs of the kitchen with the subjects of the territory and the traditions "


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