Country Wedding

Fattoria Manostalla

Matrimonio Country nella Fattoria Manostalla
Country Wedding

Getting married in the countryside

Have you ever thought of... getting married in the countryside?
Do you want your marriage to be simple and intimate?
Imagine your marriage with civil or symbolic validity, on a beautiful summer day and in a suggestive Sicilian rural setting, with garlands of daisies or sunflowers on the benches and romantic floral arrangements at the altar, decorated with curtains White veiled and illuminated by the lights of the late summer afternoon. 
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Agriturismo Manostalla

Outdoor ceremony

Before starting the wedding banquet, a fresh aperitif poolside for all your guests, perhaps enriched with bright balls or scented candles for an even more intimate exchange of jokes. And finally what is better than an outdoor ceremony, immersed in the green of olive trees and vineyards, surrounded by fragrant mulberry trees, with tables elegantly arranged in the large courtyard of an ancient Sicilian baglio, decorated with wildflowers.
Matrimonio Country Agriturismo Manostalla veduta serale con piscina e alberi di palme
Tenute Chiarelli

Unique Flavors

Can you even smell the scent of orange blossom and jasmine? Let yourself be courted by the background music and the dishes based on our typical Sicilian products, strictly organic at 0 km. 
If you want to celebrate your wedding in an original way, away from the classic glitzy festivals, the country wedding in Sicily is the most suitable choice, with its suggestive scenery and delicious dishes typical of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition.

Matrimonio Manostalla Agriturismo Partinico Palermo Tavoli Ospiti
Elegance and Tradition

Antique Baglio

Fattoria Manostalla is a picturesque farmhouse located on a valley bottom between olive groves and vineyards close to Castellammare del Golfo and Trapani, and is the ideal location to welcome your guests in direct contact with nature, for an elegant ceremony and at the same time Not very expensive. The rustic charm, the family atmosphere, the ancient Baglio and the organic products are the perfect combination of elegance and tradition that distinguishes us.

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